How to use rvest on website with username and password

I am very new to web scraping and trying to practice by extracting data from a fitness website that tracks workouts. I need to log into the site, but I'm getting stuck even there. The page is SmartRow.

I attempted to use the SelectorGadget tool, but not of the elements seem to show up. Do I need to use selenium for this instead? Something else?

url <- ""
login_page <- session(url)
page_form <- html_form(login_page)
filled_form <- set_values(page_form, email = "*****", password = "*****")

No computer at hand but.....
did you make a typo: pgform - > page_form

I corrected that example code, but that wasn't the issue in this case. I think it's because there's a lot of javascript involved in the page.

RSelenium could help.
But the login form should work if rvest offers the form option??

I went down a deep RSelenium rabbit hole. I got close to what I wanted but not all the way there. I created a separate post for that issue. Here's a link.

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