How to use subscript in Shiny ui with clean looks

Dear all, this is a rather simple question but I have not found an optimal solution for what I need. I am trying to include a subscript in the title of a Shiny App. Unfortunately neither of the solutions that I have found is good aesthetically.

ui <- fluidPage(
    h1("Hello $$O_2$$"),
    h1("Hello O",tags$sub("2"))

server <- function(input, output, session) {
shinyApp(ui, server)

The third option is the best, but the subscript is separated by one space. Do you know how to write subscript with clean look as in a ggplot??

Any help is appreciated,

Hi Oriol,

This reminded me of a question I once had. So, how about this?

h1(HTML(paste0("Hello O",tags$sub("2"))))

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Thank you, that works! It is more or less what you asked 3 years ago, but in my search for solutions I did not find your question.



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