How to verify if fit_resamples() uses a specific recipe?

How can we verify if fit_resamples() uses a specific recipe VIA IT'S OUTPUT?
The standard output always shows the original data over the node splits.
So I try....

res <-,list(
,preprocessor = preProc
,resamples    = folds
,metrics      = metric
,control      = control_resamples(save_pred = TRUE, extract = function (x) extract_recipe(x))

But this leads to more confusion. What is the right way in coding?

It is difficult to understand what your question is.

Do you want to know if modelObj (a workflow?) contains a recipe?

A reproducible example would be very helpful.

I think I made clear, that I m talking about function fit_resample() and it's ouput.

It is way too time consuming, to prepare extensive code examples, for easy questions like this., out of big, highly abstracted code fragments.

I discuss this on youtube too...

...Yes, after some days, I got it too. The strange thing is, there is default, no indication in its output- whether fit_resamples() uses the recipe indeed- or not . For this kind of information we have to use:
control = control_resamples(extract = function (x) extract_recipe(x))
Now I'm wondering, what the difference is- between tern_info and last_term_info.

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