How to view in console the beginning of the output?

I happen to run a code whose output is very long. So, in order to view the beginning of the output, I have to scroll up the console which is something that takes time. Is there a shortcut to do this?

Hi @alvaromc , if I understan well you need navigate fast in the script because the code is so long.
I dont find any shortcut to do this, maybe you could create or edit it.

However, Im could suggest you, try to work with more order in the script, insert sessions and titles, and finally close the arrows for make more short the code. Next you can run a graet portion of code.

# Insert code section
# press 	Ctrl+Shift+R

You create a short section and could close when put clic in the arrow. Like this:

In this order of ideas, you could make clic in the all arrows and easily hide its and highlight long code and run.

# press 	Ctrl+Shift+R

# Topic 1 -----------------------------------------------------------------

d <- c(1,2,4,57,3,23424)
p <- c(12,356,45,8546,845)

# Topic 2 -----------------------------------------------------------------
dat <- data.frame(cbind(d,p))

# Topic 3 -----------------------------------------------------------------

I mean in the console itself, where the output is displayed.

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