How to wrap lines of a *.py file?

How to wrap long lines of *.py files?

If you talk about explicit continuation:

a = 1 + \
2 +\
3 +

then backlash "" is your character.
If you are talking about blocks in markdown/quarto then ``` is the start and end sign of block.

I think, that it is not what I am looking for. Rstudio cannot wrap lines line Linux's Pluma or Windows Notepad? This means that the line doesnť continue forever, but the software wraps it up just for you to have it in the area of the editor window, while in the source it's unwrapped.

From what I can see, it automatically wraps lines of text files, but it doesn't for py files, which is annoying. See the screenshot.


I found the solution! It has to be checked in Code:Soft Wrap Long Lines. I did not expect that this option would be done separately for each file window. What is confusing is that if one window has soft wrap enabled this option stays checked even for those windows, which don't wrap lines, so one should experiment with it a little bit.

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