how would i consider the sample plan in complex data

i have problem with this code:
PA$Base <- svydesign(id = V001 , weights = Weight, strata = V022,data = Base)

In order for our analyses to be nationally valid, it is necessary to accommodate the sample design in the analyses, i.e., the weighting and stratification. To do so, you should use the survey library. For more details on how to analyze complex sampling data, refer to the MEASURE/DHS website from which this data was extracted.

You say you have a problem but you don't state what the problem is.

What is PA? Why are you trying to add the design object to it?

You might just want something like this:

my_svy_design <- svydesign(id = V001 , weights = Weight, strata = V022,data = Base)

thank you, but how can i get the weights?

Refer to any documentation you got with your dataset. Perhaps there is a codebook or analysis guide.

I think this will help you: The DHS Program - Using Datasets for Analysis It looks like the weight variable is v005

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