html document missing, 404 error, no longer listed in profile, but slug in use

Hello all,

this weekend I updated a document but received a 404 error.

The URL:

It's been working fine before this weekend; when I go to my profile that document no longer listed.

I thought maybe it was accidentally deleted, so I thought I would save my html using the same slug, but rpubs says the slug is already in use. If it is in use, where is it? If it can't be found, who has the slug?

I'm not sure where to begin figuring this out. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


I tried going to just and was able to find under "recently published."

Was that a backup, or did the link randomly change?

A different way to ask this question might be to ask where the rpubs information is stored in the project.

In other words, how does rstudio 'know' when I select "republish" to publish to a particular slug? Is that information stored in the .proj file?


Yes, that is a backup.