I Am New To Data Analytics, I Need Help, Any one?

Hi guys, I just completed Data analytics Course by google,
I want to improve my skills more, so I can find a proper job.
I also know pythons libraries for data analysis. If anyone can guide me how I can gain practical knowledge and improve my skills in sql, R language, tablue, python. if anyone can help me and guide that would really great and helpful



Congratulations on completing the course.

I would recommend cousera.
Youtube also has pretty good information.
If you want to know a wide range of R, SQL, python, etc., google search is your best bet.

Ask your company's senior staff about data analysis.
(They will tell you what they did using google search.)

Just kidding.
Sorry I'm not good at crack jokes.

I love this question, and welcome to the wonderful world of data! :nerd_face:

For growing practical R skills, I cannot more highly recommend the R for Data Science book (Free online!). It gets you up and running quickly, and it teaches you the majority of the tools you'll need for doing an analysis. There's also the accompanying R4DS Online Learning Community maintained by @jonthegeek and @jbratt, which has forums, book clubs, and chat hangout spaces. We'd love to see you over there! :heart:

Finally, if you're on Twitter, checking out #rstats there has been super helpful to me :man_shrugging: It feels weird recommending Twitter, and it won't teach tech skills the way books and courses will, but it does help with inspiration for what R can do, and it's fun! :smiley:

Bonus: All these options are free!


Thanks for the mention!

FWIW, @jbratt acts as a mentor at R4DS, but he doesn't help maintain it. @tanho, @tom_rstudio, @MayaGans, and @denironyx are my current admins.

Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing everyone there!


Thanks alot brother that sites you have mentioned are really helpful

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