I am trying to print data.frame in R markdown, but nothing display when run the code.

I am trying to execute the "print" function from the chunk in R markdown but nothing appears. Even when I select the object with the cursor, nothing appears below.


I already tried to reinstall Rstudio but the problem persists. It's really stressful to work like this.

Can anybody help me?

What happens when you type in the console : class(dtc)

This happens...

I think you are just missing the closing backticks in your code chunk i.e. ```, all code chunks should look like this, with opening and closing backticks.


If this doesn't solve your problem, please provide a proper REPRoducible EXample (reprex) illustrating your issue.

Hi! Thank you, but that isn't the reason. For example, I'm trying with the next code

iris <- data.frame(iris)

But the data.frame doesn't appear under the chunk. On the other hand, when I execute the code in the console, the data.frame does appear.

I intalled Rstudio a few days ago, and i have had the problem ever since.

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