I am trying to upload my shiny application to shinyapps.io, but I get "oom (out of memory)" error message.


My application is R shiny with reticulate and I an trying to install this list of python packages:

PYTHON_DEPENDENCIES = c('catboost','pandas','beautifulsoup4','requests','numpy','lxml','datetime','scikit-learn')

I validated that the application settings that the 'Instance Size' is on the maximum (1GB).

But the same error accrued:

shinyapps[9755381]: Error : Error installing package(s): "'catboost'", "'pandas'", "'beautifulsoup4'", "'requests'", "'numpy'", "'lxml'", "'datetime'", "'scikit-learn'", "'sentence_transformers'"
shinyapps[9755381]: Container event from container-8577987: oom (out of memory)

Is there a way to solve it?

Thank you!