I am unable to launch RStudio Desktop after installing it

I downloaded RStudio from Windows 10 from a list of options suitable for the respective OS. However, I followed the instruction and installed it. However, when I click on the logo on my desktop to launch the app, it goes through the process of installing all over again. I have uninstalled, re-downloaded, installed several times but the same thing keeps happening. I have even tried troubleshooting but it doesn't work.

Please I need help as I am using the platform for a Data Analytics course and it is time based. I can't seem to proceed without resolving this. Thank you.

Maybe you put the installer on your desktop? You need to run RStudio from C:\Program Files\RStudio\rstudio.exe. Of course you can create a shortcut for that on your desktop.

Thank you for the comment. I have resolved it.

I figured I didn't install "R" before installing "RStudio". Hence, it didn't work. I have installed both now and it works just fine.

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