I can not knit my R markdown or r notebook into pdf or html

i have finished my R notebook which ran successfully but on coverting knitting to Pdf or Html, it continues to bring error message !

Please how do i covert my codes to html or pdf with all its visualization or share them with a prospective employer

We need some more infromation sample data. have allk at

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This could mean there is something in your working directory that modify the behavior. When you click on the Knit button it will render in a new clean environment.

you can start a new fresh session, with a clean workspace and play the document chunk by chunk to check is working ok.

This error is an R error related to your code, and not Rmarkdown specifically. It means you have covidniaja is a vector at this step, and I guess you expect it to be a dataframe. So something off in the step above.

Hope it helps

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