I cannot install the metaprop in my R version 3.3.0.

I am trying to run a meta-analysis. I am using RStudio but the package ‘"metaprop"’ is not available (for R version 3.3.0). How can I sort this? Do you have any suggestion?

All the best.

metaprop is not a package on CRAN.

Did you mean meta?

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Hi Martin,
I need metaprop because I try to run a meta-analysis of proportions.

Well, there's no such package on CRAN.

There's a metaprop function in the package I linked.


I'm nearly certain @martin.R is sending you down the right path. Just to add a bit;

The meta: General Package for Meta-Analysis has a home page here:

And check out the R code (from meta: General Package for Meta-Analysis textbook homepage) with a bunch of examples to help you get started. (It's generally considered to be best practice to support your r package with intro vignettes to help onboard people like yourself, but this is a pretty good alternative to that)

These examples are derived from the textbook (if you're a uni student, your library can make a digital copy of this available to you for free):

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