I cannot use the terminal after changing preference to Git Bash. What am I doing wrong?


I have installed Git Bash and designated the paths for use. However, when I open a new terminal the window is blank and unusable. What am I doing wrong?

Is Git Bash installed on the computer? If you are using Windows is the Git Bash directory in your PATH environment variable? If you recently installed Git on this PC, did you close R Studio and reopen it so it is aware of the system changes?

Also, try opening a new terminal. Click the terminal tab, then click where it says Terminal 1 with a little downward triangle and select New Terminal (alternately you can try Alt+Shift+R).

Git Bash is installed. I am using windows. I have closed and reopened R Studio several times since then. Have tried opening new terminals repeatedly to no avail. I am not sure about the environment variable. Where would I make those changes?

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