I can't bring my file on mac os X

I saved my excel file on my macbook in /Users/mac/Downloads/excel_exam_novar.xlsx
so, i wrote this code.

df_exam <- read_excel(' /Users/mac/Downloads/excel_exam_novar.xlsx')

But I can't use this file with error " Error: path does not exist: ‘ /Users/mac/Downloads/excel_exam_novar.xlsx’"
How can i fix this error?

This could be something as simple as spacing. The example code you specified shows a space between the first quote and the /Users. Remove that space. If it doesn't work, try this to get the exact path:

  1. Navigate in Finder to the file you want to import and click once on it, then hit Command+i to open the Get Info window.
  2. Find the WHERE line in the Get Info window, and click and drag after the colon to select the path, then hit Command+C to copy the full path to the clipboard.
  3. In your code, after read_excel( enter two single quotes next to each other with no spaces. Click after the first one, and then Command+V to paste the path in between them.
  4. Move to after the ending quote and place your closing parenthesis. Try running you code again.
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