I loaded all the packages still I'm getting this error

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Error in Skim_without_charts(penguins) :
could not find function "Skim_without_charts"

Error in glimpse(penguins) : could not find function "glimpse"

I would appreciate any help here.

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Can you give us the list of packages that you have loaded? At the moment it looks like one or two needed packages, for example skimr did not load.

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For this particular error, the problem is that R is case sensitive and the function name is skim_without_charts() (with no capital S).

To solve this problem, please make sure you do:
Step 1: install.packages("skimr")
Step 2: library(skimr)
Step 3: skim_without_charts(penguins)

If these 3 steps were done continuously, you should sort it out. Generally speaking, the error message is just indicating it can not locate the specific function.

Hope it is of help

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I am still getting the same error even when I copy the code you posted. The package and the library is installed properly but I am unable to get the skim_without_charts(penguins) to load

Same issue here, I've loaded all those three steps and running on the same error.

glimpse is a function provided by dplyr/pillar ; so load library(dplyr) before using glimpse()