i need help biomanager

I need help, I get this error when executing this script, can you tell me what is wrong?

Hi @juan9302,
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It's difficult to answer your question without seeing your datafile (or the first few lines of it). Try removing the row.names= argument from the read.delim function and see what you get?
Does your text file have one row at the top containing the column names? Are the data columns separated by TAB characters? If not, check help(read.delim) to see how to change these defaults.

okidoki im try , give me a minute :slight_smile: thanks

see please image

File structure seems OK. Looks like separator character is SPACE not TAB. Try using:
read.delim("ReadCounts.txt", row.names="Symbol", sep=" ")

oki Dave give a minute please :slight_smile:

Thank you, if you helped me a lot, now I have another question, can you help me? , this code you know if it can be executed instead of txt. in csv.

rm(list = ls())
x <- read.delim("ReadCounts.txt", row.names = "Symbol", sep = " ")
group <- factor(c(1,1,2,2))
y <- DGEList(counts=x,group=group)
y <- calcNormFactors(y)
y <- estimateCommonDisp(y)
y <- estimateTagwiseDisp(y)
et <- exactTest(y)
ad <- topTags(et, n=19617)
write.table(ad, "output.txt", sep = )

hehehe sorry is cvs . XD

Yes, of course R can read .CSV files. It might be time for you to do some "homework":
help("read.csv") or Google search "read CSV file in R".

thank Dave, you deserve heaven :slight_smile:

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Dave already ran the script and gave me this.
gives me a list of 1449 observations for 24 variables. but what is the following code?
The following command, after reading the cvs. read error.

another question
can it be executed keeping the same number of columns in the matrix?


I have not used the edgeR package, so its time for you to thoroughly read documentation! I note that DGEList() requires matrix input not data.frame (which you would have obtained from read.csv()).

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