[i think its a bug ] i am getting typing problem while i write in the Rstudio

as I give space while writing in R the alphabets start writing on right side of the small bar and as I put more space between the words, the words start to go far right while the writing bar is still in the start . for eg - as we right the letters start from left side of the writing bar which shows in the search engine whenever we have to write - but now as i write in Rstudio , the letters will start from left of the bar and will continue like this but as i click on space button and got space between two words , now the writing start from the right side of the bar and as i put more spaces between the bar the letters starts to get typed every far from the bar which is still in the start - i just putted the some spaced

  • please help this is so frustrating and i have to do alot work in the R
  • i can't continue like this .

sorry , its write not right in the third line above para.

What version of RStudio are you using? On which operating system are you? Have you tried installing the latest preview version?

window 10 version 1909 with 64 bits
Rstudio v 1.2.5033
Rstudio v 1.2.5036 - from where to download
i coundn't able to find the link on main website
can you please share it

got the link -i will install it and then see if the bug gone or not

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