If R studio itself works but no output in enviornment and console windows, what would be wrong?

I mean...it is not kinda 'freazing' or error occurance.
But sometimes the code that I run appears in the console window, but not initiated actually.
This is hard to explain...but for example

  1. I was running code line by line.
  2. Keep going that on, I soon feel something goes wrong because there aren't any output that originally should've beem created by running code just then(whatever it is error message, or package installation message with blue color), but just my code(with purple color).
  3. There was no added variables(data) in enviornment windows.
  4. Of course no running sign(red button on the right side of the console window), so it wasn't the moment of calculating.
  5. I turned off R and reactivated. Then it worked well, but now, it occured again

Have anyone tell me the reason or the solution about this situation?

Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing? It is hard to tell what is going on from your explanation.

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