I'm failing to update ggplot2, any suggestions please?!

RStudio is an Integrated Development Environment for working with R but they are two independent pieces of software, so installing the latest version of RStudio doesn't mean that you have the latest version of R, maybe this will clarify things for you

Got it! So I can work in R rather than R Studio to make a ternary plot and see how some data from my archaeological quarry site turns out.

Yes, you can, but I see no reason to do it, using R through RStudio is much easier and convenient.

Yarnabrina's advice about updating R is just to save you further problems when installing or updating packages.

Oh I see. So...I know the version of R Studio that I'm using is up to date, what should I do to ensure that I update R?

Download and install the latest version from CRAN


Thanks for the link. I will also look for other answers to this question to see if there is anything I need to be aware of. :+1:

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