Imperial College London - Position in Computational Genomics

paid / London, United Kingdom / full-time

We are seeking to appoint a Research Assistant or Research Associate (grade dependent on qualifications and experience) to lead one or more projects in Computational Genomics in the group of Dr Alexi Nott (Nott Lab), at the UK Dementia Research Institute. This opportunity would suit a talented and ambitious individual to lead computational projects exploring the transcriptome, epigenome and 3D chromatin architecture of brain cell types relevant to disease. The post holder will use next-generation sequencing data from patient-derived brain tissue and stem cell model systems to identify signalling pathways and transcription factors dysregulated in brain disorders. You will use genomic datasets that may include RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, CUT&Tag, ATAC-seq, capture-based HiC, and single cell/nuclei datasets. These studies will help to guide the functional interpretation of noncoding disease risk variants for aging-related brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

You will be highly motivated with demonstrable experience in computational genomics and statistical modelling. The Nott Group is multidisciplinary. Working closely with experimentalists, you will be responsible for data analysis and visualization as well as implementing new computational methods for processing and analysis of large-scale omics data. To promote reproducibility of research, the postholder will be expected to maintain their code on depositories such as GitHub, develop containers and write workflows.

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