Import csv file and change names of certain values


Okay so my problem is that I want to import a csv file (that is separeted by commas, so R reads it as a dataframe).

The first coloumn is called "Animals", and below there is "crocodile", "elaphant" etc.
Here I want to replace names of the animals to be either "reptile" or "mammal".

How do I do this?

Thank you a lot in advance

One possible method is to use the case_when() function from dplyr combined with vectors defining which animals are in which class.


DF <- data.frame(Animal=c("Elephant","Snake","Crocodile","Dog"),
#>      Animal Values
#> 1  Elephant      1
#> 2     Snake      2
#> 3 Crocodile      3
#> 4       Dog      4
MAMMALS <- c("Elephant", "Dog")
REPTILES <- c("Crocodile", "Snake")
DF<- DF |> mutate(Animal = case_when(
  Animal %in% MAMMALS ~ "Mammal",
  Animal %in% REPTILES ~ "Reptile",
  TRUE ~ "Not Found"
#>    Animal Values
#> 1  Mammal      1
#> 2 Reptile      2
#> 3 Reptile      3
#> 4  Mammal      4

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