Import dataset using external dataset (stored in my computer)

How can I import a dataset into my workspace?

Can you please be more specific? Are you talking about RStudio Cloud?

Yes, this is what I mean. How to use files store in my computer on RStudio cloud

Just like you do in RStudio

Under the "files" panel, look for the "upload" button

Once the files are on the server, you can read them to memory as you would normally do.

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Thanks for the answer, but I cannot find that option on my profile. where is it? I am talking about RStudio cloud

If you can't find it go to "view/show files"

And in the lower right corner, you should find the panel with the "upload" button

Thanks for the reply but my RStudio cloud looks totally different. Perhaps I need to activate something. Look at the screenshot.

You have to be inside a project, not in the management console, as far as I know you can't load files globally on the workspace although it would be a nice feature.

Hoe can I go inside a protect? do you mean project? if so, how can I go inside?

Clicking on it and open it?

Thanks so much! silly me :slight_smile: it is super easy. Thanks for your help!

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