Import Datasets

Good evening,
I am using a MacBook Pro.
I am trying to use the "Import Dataset" button to import an excel file. When I click "From Excel" it asked me to download a package. This opened up a new window and went through some lines of code. Then an error message came up.

When I click to import dataset from excel this message comes up. It still opens up the window to import a file. And I can browse my computer. But that same error message comes up again. When I click "Import" nothing happens. The same thing happened with "From SPSS".

However, I can Import a text file. No error message comes up with this one.

I'm going off this video:
Could someone help me get rid of this error and allow me to import an excel file.

The error message indicates a missing dependency, Rcpp


Don't choose to install the later version.

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It didn't change the message. And it didn't give me any options after that. There was no "later version".

What happens with


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