Import file into r datasets

I am trying to get my import table shown into the R datasets overview when i use DATA(). I have imported it ,and it shows in the viewer, but not in the R datasets, ;what am i doing wrong?
see picture


That's because the data() command is meant for datasets that come with R packages. What do you see listed in the 'Environment' tab? Does your data set show up there?

Hi, thank you so much for your reply.
No,it does not appear in the list. So according to my lessons i have to import a file and save it as a dataset ,so it will appear in the list of the datasets.
If i import a xls file, how do i save that as a dataset?! create adataset|690x402


If you can view the data after using 'Import Dataset', I'm surprised that you can't see it in the 'Environment' tab. Could you import the file, then click on the 'Environment' tab in the upper right, making sure that it's contents are visible as in your second screenshot, and then take a screenshot of your whole RStudio window? That might help.

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