Import from local computer to R studio

Hi everyone
I am a first time user.
I want to import my otu-table into R and I am having an issue with the command.
This is the command that used:

otu_table_p = read.table (C:/Users/User/Desktop/qiime2-1st/phyloseq/otu-table.csv(), header = TRUE, row.names = 1, sep = ",")

Can anyone help, please?

This is the error message:

Error: unexpected '/' in "otu_table_p = read.table (C:/"

Also, how do I match a package with a particular R studio version?

The file path needs to be in quotes. I assume the file name does not include the parentheses after csv, so those are not needed.

otu_table_p = read.table ("C:/Users/User/Desktop/qiime2-1st/phyloseq/otu-table.csv", header = TRUE, row.names = 1, sep = ",")

This is a different problem. Mark the response from @FJCC as the solution, delete your reply here, and post it as a new question.

Thanks a bunch, just did that.


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