import nexus files in Rstudio

How do I import nexus files in R studio? and making phylogenetix tree?I have installed APE package but I do not understand effectively?

Here's a "How to for inputting trees", which suggests:

  MyTree <- read.tree("MyNewickTreefile.tre")
  MyTree <-"MyNexusTreefile.nex")

I recommend looking through the document directly, though, since it includes caveats and links to more information.

ı am new user with R. Before making trees ? How can we import the data files in nexus ?

How can we import nexus files in Rstudio?

I assume you're talking about from nexus into R. If not, I'm not sure this is the right place to ask.

I'm really not that familiar with nexus. It's possible that the functionality exists in the phylobase package:

I think readNexus() would be the relevant function, there.

You might peruse some other relevant packages and functions here:

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