Importing data from Excel to R

How to import Excel data with multiple columns to R ? (I can import the all data that i want, but i cannot commit these data, when it has more than 1 columns.)

What did you tried so far?

There are several package to read from excel files among them readxl and openxlsx. Do you try those?

RStudio IDE works well with readxl letting import a file from the IDE menus.

I tried these packages. And that's not my problem. I can import all data that i want. But the problem is i cannot commit the data when it has more than 1 columns. Here is the codes and screenshots which i tried and got :



First, i showed all of my data, then first code,second code and the outputs of those codes. As you see, i cannot compound all of data when it has more than 1 columns. What is the solution ?

It looks like you have imported the data into a data frame called tercih_egitimd. This data frame has two columns. I expect this will be shown if you run tercih_egitimd.

When you run tercih_egitimd$Tercih you are selecting that column from the data, so it prints the 224 values in the Tercih column. When you run tercih_egitimd$Egitim Durumu it prints the 224 values in the Egitim Durumu column.

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Thank you so so much. I ran tercih_egitimd and 2 columns have printed. Thank you so much !!!!!

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