Importing data in RStudio

One of the things that I have not been able to solve when importing data is the problem of the names of the folders that contain the address of the file that I will import, because if they contain a character as a tilde it is not recognized.

DATA_ECONR_BAS_SESION_3_TAREA_1_1 <- read_delim("~/Cursos/Clases R/Sesión 3/Tarea/01-ARCHIVOS UTILIZADOS-DATA/DATA-ECONR-BAS-SESION 3-TAREA 1.1.csv", 
                                                ";", escape_double = FALSE, trim_ws = TRUE)

#The tilde in "Session 3" does not allow the file to be recognized
#The error message that appears is:
#Error in guess_header_(datasource, tokenizer, locale) : 
#Cannot read file C:/Users/Admin/Documents/Cursos/Clases R/Sesión 3/Tarea/01-ARCHIVOS UTILIZADOS-DATA/DATA-ECONR-BAS-SESION 3-TAREA 1.1.csv: El sistema no puede encontrar la ruta especificada.

I realized that if you remove the tilde the problem was solved, but my query is going to solve the problem of the tilde so that RStudio recognizes the dirreción of the file.
I do not know if the solution will change the UTF8 code

Just to clarify the question, is your Cursos folder located in the home directory, right?

Because Unix-like operating systems (including BSD, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X), tilde often indicates the current user's home directory. You can find the location of the home directory by using the following code on the terminal.

eval echo ~$USER

Indeed, it is true what you say, but after that I created subfolders where I left the file that I will import, and it turns out that one of the subfolders contains an accent in its name: "Sesión 3".

This is solved if I remove this accent: "Sesión 3", but my question is whether I can make RStudio recognize the location even if it contains the accent.

Apart from this, the problem also occurs when importing url data containing accents, but in this case I can not remove the accent directly as in the previous case because in the first case it is sufficient to change the name of the subfolder.

By the way @cholyavkin, excuse me if I mentioned "tilde", it happens that in my country the words "accent" and "tilde" are often confused. I refer in my question to the character "accent" in the subfolder: Sesión 3, in the letter "o"

What version of R are you using? Older versions of R could have trouble with paths using ~/ as path.expand() would mangle the encoding.

Oh, ok. :slight_smile:

I just tried to replicate your problem. So I created a tab-delimited file named as "Sesión 3" and put it in the folder named as "Sesión 3". When I tried to import to RStudio, it imported the file without problem.

Sesión_3 <- read_delim("~/Desktop/Sesión 3/Sesión 3.txt", 
                       "\t", escape_double = FALSE, trim_ws = TRUE)

In this case, the problem may be related to your encoding settings. Could you please check your encoding from Tools / Global Options... / Code / Saving / Default text encoding menu? I am using UTF-8 as default.

Thank you very much, in fact it was the codification of the problem. However, yesterday was all day trying to solve it, with different packages and commands, and I have caused another inconvenient.
When I put the backslash symbol (\), the yen symbol (¥) appears.

Ohhh, I realized that in Appearance of Global Options that I was using MS Gothic, it turns out that this changes the symbols that I mentioned to you.
Everything is resolved, thank you very much for your time. Greetings from Peru.

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