Importing data into R


How to import data into R -

Error: 'UKgas.csv' does not exist in current working directory ('C:/Users/User/Documents')

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Can I see the full command when you import data?
(I assume your file's name is correctly spelled.)

Option 1: You can use file.choose() function to import data.
df = file.choose()
When you hit Enter/Return, you will be prompted to a new screen then from there, you can choose the file you want to import .

Option 2:
On the top of the R Screen, choose:

Session -> Set Working Directory -> Choose Directory...

You will be able to set up the working directory. When you are done setting this up, you can do this:

df = read.csv('UKgas.csv', header = TRUE) # if you want the headers

I hope this helps!



UKgasDF <- read_csv("UKgas.csv")
Error: 'UKgas.csv' does not exist in current working directory ('C:/Users/User/Documents').
Error in View : object 'dataset' not found


Have you tried the two options I mentioned above?
Also, even if you loaded "UKgas.csv" successfully, View(dataset) would not return anything.
Where do you declare dataset object? Nowhere!
You may want to view



The file isn't in the same directory as R's working directory. You either need to supply an absolute or relative file path.

For example, if UKgas.csv is in the directory C:/Users/User/Documents/MyProject/data, then either of these two snippets should work:

# absolute
UKgasDF <- read_csv("C:/Users/User/Documents/MyProject/data/UKgas.csv")
# relative
UKgasDF <- read_csv("MyProject/data/UKgas.csv")