Importing huge data with multiple files.


I'm currently working on Google Data Analytics Certificate. I'm having a hard time learning how to import huge data. I'm trying to use the read.csv function or a function that can import data. I don't understand data how to correctly format the function and link to data from my computer. For an example, with this <- read.csv(paste0("../input/case-study-of-google-data-analysts-certificate/Cyclistic Bike Data/Cyclistic Bike Data/202112-divvy-tripdata.csv")) , I don't understand how to do the last of "(paste0("../input/case-study-of-google-data-analysts-certificate/Cyclistic Bike Data/Cyclistic Bike Data/202112-divvy-tripdata.csv")). I have a folder of the data and the csv files.

How you do this depends on how you want to store the data frames. You can load all of the data frames into a list with code like this:

PATH <- "Data/NewFiles/"
FILES <- list.files(PATH, "csv$")
DataList <- lapply(FILES, function(Nm)  read.csv(paste0(PATH, Nm))

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