Improved support for teaching and assignments (assignment solution and other)


RStudio Cloud looks great and I would love to use it for my class! However, there are a couple of things that would make it easier:

  1. Please support solutions for projects that are assignments. Something like this: Allow us to mark files as "Solution" in projects that are assignments together with a date when students can access. These files are locked until that date at which point students can view the file. It would also be great if students (and instructor) can see that a solution is available in the "All Projects" list (similar design to the "Assignment" badge). Maybe you can come up with a better implementation but solutions are super important.

  2. Allow us to share date files across projects. I have many assignments with the same data so I have to upload it for each assignment. Maybe there could be a folder "Space" folder that is accessible from all projects in that space.

  3. Allow us to upload zipped files. Currently, they unzip automatically but I actually would like to upload a zipped file.


Let me add to that:

  1. Timed assignments: I would like to define a project as "Assignment" and set dates for "Available on" (when students can view it) and "Due".
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Upvote for #2 - shared data across projects.

Also... smaller icons for spinoff projects. In a class of 70 it's hard to find one individuals project in pages and pages of student projects.

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