in 3.4.4 showing only Default database even though multiple databases are existing.

Linux Machine OS Version 7.5
Multiple R Versions on same server

  1. 3.3.1
  2. 3.4.4

When executed the below command in R Command line getting only "Dafault" database but multiple databases are residing in Spark.

sc = spark_connect(master = "yarn-client",config= list(""= "2g",""="2g"),version="2.2.0")
[1] "default"

The same command is working with R version 3.3.1 in the same server where 3.4.4 is there.

Could you please guide me on the issue? what could have missed in the latest R version 3.4.4

Vidya Sagar

Could you please share the versions of sparklyr installed by running the following command over each R session?


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