%in% conflicted

I encountered an error message that says:

Error in filter_impl(.data, quo) : 
  Evaluation error: %in% found in 2 packages. You must indicate which one you want with ::
 * ffbase::%in%
 * base::%in%.

I tried to add this in the beginning of my code:

%in% = base::%in%

but it didn't work.

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I haven't used conflicted, but I suspect you may need backticks around %in% (not sure how to display this as the forum software interprets the backticks..


If you want to do it inline than you would put two backticks on either side with a space between the code and the sets of backticks. It would look like this:

`` base::`%in%` ``

which gives you this: base::`%in%`

or of course, you could do it in a code chunk with 3 backticks above and below the code:

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Thanks, I didn't try the spaces.

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