"*" in my system is not working

hello, I use the last version of R and Rstdio but I have a problem with this character "*". when I want to select some files I wrote list.files(pattern="min*") but finds "miladi" that wrong and in another system exactly this code work correctly :slight_smile:

pattern matchins in list.files is via regex.
* means 0 or more of the preceding tokens.
try + which means 1 or more of the preceding tokens ?

thanks, I will try that but it's weird that in another system with "*" exactly that code answered true. how can I change regex?

and I have another problem when I use scp_download() for download from the server when I exactly use the name of folder like "prec_id_20210806.nc" it ok and begin download but when I use a name like "prec_id*.nc" show error no such file or directory, but in another system with this code is ok and find the file.

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