“In plot.aggr(res, …) : not enough vertical space to display frequencies (too many combinations)”

EN: while running my code I face this problem in which, while trying to plot missing values with too many variables, plot. aggr gives me backt the warning used as title of this topic. I was wondering what could I do to get a clear plot of all the information, or an alternative to my code to reach the same goal. Here's my code, and thanks in advance:

ESP: Ejecutando mi código me encuentro con el problema de que quiero printear un gráfico de missing values con demasiadas variables, usando plot.aggr. Me preguntaba cómo podría hacer que me mostrase todo de forma que se distinguiesen las columnas, o alguna alternativa a este método. Adjunto código y muchas gracias:

install.packages(c("VIM","visdat"))     # visualizar missing data

## Agreggation plot
nhanes %>% aggr(combined = TRUE, numbers = TRUE) # not enough vertical space
# visualise using visdat
visdat::vis_miss(nhanes) # se ve bien pero muy junto

# apply clustering
visdat::vis_miss(nhanes, cluster = TRUE)

# sort the rows from more missing to less
visdat::vis_miss(nhanes, sort_miss = TRUE)