Include remote database like w3schools in sql rmarkdown chunk

Has any experimented with remote web based sql editors and integrating them in an rmarkdown document?

Specifically I am wondering if it is possible to have a sql chunk that is directly sent here:

Which then returns a table. Seems far fetched but I just wanted to ask if anyone here had messed around with that.

I'm not sure to understand well your goal.

If you inspect the source code of this HTML page, you can find that this website use a Web SQL database: this is not a remote database but a local one. You can find the main code inside this JavaScript file:
FYI, Web SQL is deprecated since 2010 (you can use IndexedDB instead).

Thanks @rlesur. I think what I was hoping is that there was some equivalent of using the con argument in the knitr chunk. But this is probably not worth the time.

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