Including an internally-generated image in pkgdown vignette

I've an example of a method returning authors' ORCID (link + icon) in the vignette of the package I'm developing. The example outputs as markdown content. The ORCID icon ships with the package and is generated internally when rendering an R markdown or Quarto document. Because of this, the vignette is not self-contained and the icon doesn't show up.

I'm wondering if there's a way to display the icon in the vignette, apart from using an image for the entire output.

I've read about the YAML key resource_files but I'm not completely sure if that's what I need and can't figure out how to test it in a separate branch (GitHub newbie here). I don't want to experiment directly on the main branch so I'd appreciate some insight on whether resource_files is what I need or not. And if not, how could I do to display the icon?

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