Incorporate scroll option in the table

Hi all, Need help. I have written a code to extract and load csv file in application itself. Fortunately it is working fine :slight_smile: but when the columns are more in the file, the columns are not visible since they get hidden behind the screen. You can try loading a csv file with more columns. So how can I have a scroll button here so that I can see all columns?

ui <- dashboardPage(
  dashboardHeader(title = "Loading data"),
dashboardSidebar(fileInput("datafile","Choose the csv file",multiple = TRUE, 
                           accept = c("text/csv","text/comma-separated-values,text/plain",".csv"))),
  fluidRow(box(tableOutput("contents"),width = 5000)

server <- function(input,output){
output$contents <- renderTable({
  file_to_read <- input$datafile

shinyApp(ui, server)

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