Increase capacity size for Rstudio

Hi posit
Kindly need to increase capacity size for RSTUDIO
as the limit size is 1gbyte and not enough for my work
I need it to finish the case study
My 12 files was too big to be uploaded over cloud
Your reply is highly appreciated

Hi @amr.nagib,
What happen if your save each file like a .RDS and next load their in Rstudio?

Sorry for not more clarifications

kindly find attached the photo
memory size is only 1 giga
not enough to finish the full upload for the project
My account is free
need to extend memory size for 2.5giga

Forgive what may be a foolish question, but how do you know you need more memory?

No problem

But you should see the previous photo that I attached

It shows that the Ram and memory size show me that is full

When I attach more file the program then restart automatic and failed the commands

To be performed

When I then perform the command memory size() to increase it ,,give me error

You seem to be using RStudio Cloud, I think you will need to upgrade to the paid tier if you want to have more RAM (Or work locally in your computer).

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I'm working on a case study that involves handling 12 large files, and the default memory limit in RStudio is just not cutting it (it's limited to 1 gigabyte). Since my files are too big to upload to the cloud, I'm wondering how I can increase the memory capacity for my RStudio sessions. This increase is crucial for me to complete my case study successfully.
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I understand you can pay to have more memory in cloud, but perhaps you have a phsyical device like a desktop or laptop computer that has more RAM? you could install Rstudio IDE for your device and avoid Cloud; this may be cheaper.


You must be using either Cloud Free ($0) or Cloud Student ($5 per month), which both have 1 GB. The Cloud Basic account ($25 per month) allows you to assign up to 8 GB to a project. That should be more than enough to complete the capstone project for the Data Analytics certificate. You may only need to pay for one month.