Increase/Decrease Size of Leaflet Legend

Hello all,

I am working on a shiny app in Rstudio, I was asked to change the size of the legend on my leaflet map. I am using the addLegend() function to control the aspects of my legend. If anyone knows a way to do this it would be greatly appreciated. This is the code I have been working on so far (Side note: I'm new to R so it's probably a bit messy).

output$Map <- renderLeaflet({
  leaflet(spva1) %>% 
      setView(lon, lat,7.3) %>% 
      addPolygons(fillColor = ~pal(as.factor(spva1$region)),
                  dashArray = "3",
                  fillOpacity = 0.7
                  ,label=as.character(spva1$region)) %>% 
      addLegend(pal = pal,
                values = ~region,
                opacity = 1.0, 
                position = "bottomright")%>%
                       lat=serv_ters$lat, radius=3.2,
                       color="black", stroke=FALSE,
                       fillOpacity=0.5, group="locations",
                       layerId = ~as.character(NAME))


There currently isn't a parameter to send to the addLegend method and there isn't a nice way to do it with css as it's composed of different svg elements with fixed widths.

Sorry to be a bearer of bad news. :-/