Indenting on soft wrap



Soft wrap goes to the beginning of the next line (line #245 here)...

but I would like it to wrap to the same indentation (here shown for notepad++):

Another nice feature in the latter image is the little arrow shown on the right side also indicating that a wrap is happening.

Is there a setting for this? I see it was requested <= 2013. Browsing around the internet, I see other editors faced and solved similar problems in recent years.

(In case it's relevant, I'm editing an rmd, so disabling soft wrap is not an option, as mentioned here.)


After a bit of feedback, I think the next step would be to complete an enhancement request. The IDE team just wrote this guide for "Writing-Good-Feature-Requests" if you (or anyone else) is interested in best practices for that.


Thanks, Curtis. Posted as

That guide y'all set up was very helpful.