Informatica cloud parameter file

I am generating text files through Informatica cloud data synchronization task. i have to dynamically zip those text files with timestamp through a batch script called from post processing command from the DSS task. But zip files name will be changed on the basis of country code.

suppose, i have to extract account text files for 2 countries, germany and sweden. source connection is: salesforce target connection is: flat file i have passed the country codes in the parameter files. i.e, $$country_code=SE $$country_code=DE

Now when the outbound text files will be generated, it will be generated like, for Germany, Account_DE_YYYYMMDDHHMISS.txt for Sweden, Account_SE_YYYYMMDDHHMISS.txt

Please help how to dynamically change this file name with the batch script called from post processing command through parameterization in informatica cloud.