Input lag (cursor, script viewer, folding/unfolding code, etc.)


My RStudio (Version 1.4.1717) is incredibly laggy.

E.g., when folding/unfolding code in a script, it the script viewer freezes for several seconds. During that time I cannot scroll, type, move my cursor, or pretty much do anything else in the viewer. This also happens when I move the cursor from the console viewer to the script viewer, when I return to RStudio via alt-tab, and probably there's a ton of other actions that trigger these freezes.

Any idea on how to fix this? It is pretty much impossible to work in RStudio with these constant freezes.

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For anyone experiencing the same issue who may stumble on this topic: I solved it by turning off real time spell-checking (tools > global options > spelling > under 'checking', untick box 'Use real time spell-checking'.

First thought it may have been an issue with my old GPU: after using an older RStudio version (1.3 ~) it was resolved (figured my old GPU wasn't compatible with the newer RStudio version). Of course this older version misses features so it wasn't a very good solution. Then a week later I upgraded to a modern GPU and it turns out that GPU incompatibility was not the issue. I still experienced the freezes in RStudio 1.4 ~ with my modern GPU. Tried all the different rendering settings and nothing helped, also using the latest preview build didn't make a difference. Then by a wild guess/some coincidence turning off this real time spell-checking option made the problem dissapear...

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