input_selectize in render.ui incompatible with shinywidgets in python

I am working on a shiny for python app that uses ui.input_selectize. However, I hit issues when I started to use that in combination with shinywidgets.

If the both the input_selectize and the widget are in the code, the widget will not show the graph and the selectize input will display in a different format than normal (identical to how input_select looks). Here is reproducible code of this as well as what it looks like in the app. I am using shiny 0.6.0, plotly 5.18.0, and shinywidgets 0.2.2

from shiny import ui, App,render
from shinywidgets import output_widget, render_widget
import as px

df =

app_ui = ui.page_fluid(
            "x", label="Variable",
            choices=["total_bill", "tip", "size"]
            "color", label="Color",
            choices=["smoker", "sex", "day", "time"]
        class_="d-flex gap-3"

def server(input, output, session):
    def my_widget():
        fig = px.histogram(
            df, x=input.x(), color=input.color(),
        fig.layout.height = 275
        return fig
    def PN_Selection():
      ui.input_selectize("PN_Select",label="Select Part Series",choices=dict(zip(pn_pick,pn_pick)),selected="test",multiple=True)


app = App(app_ui, server)

If I comment out "output_widget(my_widget)" the selectize input starts to display correctly, but of course I now have no graph.

It also works if you move the input_selectize out of the render.ui and into the main ui section, but unfortunately in my real app, the select input fields are dynamic and need to be part of a render.ui rather than hardcoded in the ui section.

If I change ui.input_selectize to ui.input_select, both the graph and input display ok, so this is my current way around this, however, I prefer the way the selectize input looks for selecting multiple items so I would prefer to use that.

Any idea why selectize input and shinywidget don't seem to mesh well together in this context? Thanks!