Inserting reference with accented characters in roxygen2 documentation using bibtex

I am developing a package in RStudio using roxygen2 and in the object documentation I would like to cite references that have accented characters. I am following the instructions here. Unfortunately, the accented characters do not appear correctly when I view the documentation in my browser after building the package.

Here is the function with roxygen2 tags above:

#' A function called foo
#' I want to cite a reference with accented characters in author's name:
#'    \insertCite{Cube19}{justtestingonly}
#' @param uhhh An object
#' @export
#' @encoding UTF-8
#' @references{\insertAllCited{}}
#' @importFrom Rdpack reprompt

foo <- function(uhhh) {}

Here is my bibtex entry in the file REFERENCES.bib in inst folder:

	author={Thomas {\c C}{\"u}be},
	title={article title},
	journal={Journal of Stuff},

My DESCRIPTION file includes the lines

Imports: Rdpack
RdMacros: Rdpack
Encoding: UTF-8

In my browser the citation appears as (Çübe 2019) rather than (Çübe 2019).