Install ggplot2

I am getting an error every time I try to install the ggplot2 package.

trying URL ''
content type 'application/x-gzip' length 4070259 bytes (3.9 MB)
downloaded 3.0 MB
the downloaded binary packages are in

What does this mean and how do I go about installing ggplot2? I need it to be able to complete my assignments.

This seems like a connectivity issue, the package is not being successfully downloaded (size doesn't match). These are some things to try.

  • Choose a different CRAN repository, RStudios repository is a good choice ( or you could choose one that is geographically closer to you.
  • Disable secure download setting.
  • Check if your internet connection has traffic restrictions of some kind, like a firewall, proxy server, etc. This is usually the case when you are at work or school.