Install latest stable version on ubuntu

How do you get the path to the latest stable desktop version please? indicates a process to piece the relevant paths together but I have failed to get it to work. For example, neither of the following work:

(forward slashed at start to allow path to be added to question)

Thanks for any help, david

A good recipe just needs an update to change xenial to your version.

thanks @technocrat, but that is what I am trying to avoid. I can get the rstudio version number from the rstudio downloads page, however from the link in the question, it seems to be possible to download using some permutation of latest & stable without giving an exact version number.

There’s a deb pkg manager for Ubuntu that allows installation from the file. See this

Thanks again @technocrat.

I think I found a permutation that works. I made a mistake in the first link in the OP by using a period instead of a hyphen. This works:

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Great! Please mark this as the solution! No false modesty!

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