install.packages('ks') fails

GitHub Action fails with ""there is no package called 'ks'", even though I added "install.packages('ks')" to "sos/R-CMD-check.yaml at master · sbgraves237/sos · GitHub" in three different places, where it seemed to fit with other calls to "install.packages". ('ks' is on CRAN, and this package passes R CMD check on my own Mac as well as Windows and ubuntu (both 'release' and 'devel'.) Suggestions? Thanks, Spencer Graves

I don't have any suggestions, but experienced the same issue. In my case a GitHub Actions for a PR on 21.05.21 ran okay, but when merging the same PR today failed with the message "there is no package called 'ks'"
(Merge pull request #33 from activityMonitoring/minor-improvements · activityMonitoring/epicoda@35cac7b · GitHub).

(Note: I've since rerun the earlier workflows while trying to understand what was going on, so it may no longer be clear it was passing previously).

I did a straight


at it installed and loaded.

I did get a strange warning message

Warning in install.packages :
  unable to access index for repository
  download from '' failed
Installing package into ‘/home/john/R/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-library/4.1’

but it went on and worked.

I don't have an answer, but I've made some progress with help from Duncan Murdock via the R-PKG-DEVEL email list. His comments included saying, that ks imports plot3D, which imports other things that ultimately need XQuartz', and XQuartz is what's missing. I could not figure out how to get XQuartz installed. However, he also said that ks was required by fda, and I was using only one function from fda. I copied that one function and deleted references to fda. Now I'm struggling with other problems. You might try to figure out what calls ks. Good luck. Spencer

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Thanks, that's really helpful! I think I can avoid the install too, and reading through those messages gave some more clues.

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