install R from precompiled binaries on a Linux machine

I found the following instructions on the Rstudio website...
(RStudio Install R - RStudio Documentation)

Using those instructions, I got R-4.1.3 to work on an Internet-connected Centos-7 machine that has a version of R that pre-dates R-4.1.3.

However, I'd like R-4.1.3 on a different Centos-7 machine (same image as previous computer) that DOESN'T have Internet connection. Haven't found a solution yet.

I've downloaded rpm files using this:
yum --installroot=/tmp --downloadonly --downloaddir /path to a download directory/ --releasever=/ localinstall /absolute path to the R-4.1.3 rpm file/

Next, I copy all those files to a DVD.

Then, take the disc to the non-Internet Centos-7 machine and use this inside the folder with the rpm files:
sudo yum --disablerepo=* install *.rpm. I keep getting dependency errors related to binutils, kpartx, libxml2, systemd, among others.

Any thoughts on resolving those dependencies?